Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration
Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration

Esta infografía examina cómo la pandemia de COVID-19 ha puesto de relieve los efectos del racismo sistémico y otros factores de riesgo sobre la salud de los latinos en los Estados Unidos.


This infographic identifies risk factors - including disproportionate employment as essential workers, lower rates of health insurance coverage, and language and cultural barriers - and provides actionable solutions to improve the health of Latino Americans. 


This webinar highlighted how systemic racism, the challenges of immigration, language barriers and other factors harm the health and well-being of Latinos.

Latino Graphic

This infographic clarifies the relationship between long-standing social and economic inequities and health disparities in Black Americans, over the life course and in relation to COVID-19.


This three-part series focuses on the impact of systemic racism on the health and well-being of Black and Latino people, as well as others from a diverse range of ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Racism Series Part 1

This webinar discussed how systemic racism harms health, and how solutions-based approaches at the state and community level are making a difference.

Racism and Health Graphic

This six-episode podcast will explore what goes wrong in the places meant to keep us healthy — and what that says about holes in our regulatory systems.


This series will investigate the treatment and management of chronic kidney disease in the United States, from dialysis centers and transplants to Medicare payments and hospice care, and the ethical issues attending each.