Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration
Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration

This webinar will offer an overview of our health system’s price problem, and provide journalists with one ace health reporter’s toolkit for covering the issue in their communities — including strategies, data sources and crowdsourcing tips. 


The ACA open enrollment for 2018 has begun amid consumer confusion and concerns about future market stability, but much can be done to put the individual market on a sustainable path. This webinar provided analysis of individual market dynamics as well as potential stabilization strategies.


On November 1, ACA marketplace open enrollment begins for 2018. Given the political turmoil around the ACA this year, consumers who depend on the marketplaces for coverage are likely wondering what to expect come November 1. This webinar helped consumers and reporters unpack what is known and still unknown about the individual market.


This webinar explored what’s behind the disturbingly high U.S. maternal mortality rates, looking for solutions in California, a state that has become a national leader in efforts to reduce deaths and improve pregnancy outcomes.