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  • Despite the potential consequences for babies, up to 10 percent of pregnant women opt to deliver through C-section or induction prior to 39 weeks gestation without medical indication. 

  • The CDC has declared adolescent vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) one of the top five public health priorities of 2014. Last month the President's Cancer Council also issued an urgent call to action to improve HPV vaccination rates.

  • Evidence has consistently shown that hospital consolidations are associated with higher prices, but preventing anti-competitive mergers has proven difficult.

  • For decades steady increases in lifestyle-related illnesses have affected our quality of life and our bottom line. With more than half of Americans now facing at least one chronic disease, the status quo is no longer acceptable. 

  • Health care is a uniquely challenging consumer experience: it can be complex and expensive but also vital and deeply personal. It’s no wonder that consumers are looking to technology to help simplify their health care choices—and businesses are increasingly meeting them with solutions.

  • Patient-centered care has at its base a very powerful concept: health care decisions should be driven by the preferences, needs and values of the patient. In this essay, Michael Millenson identifies three distinct ways of thinking about patient-centered care—ethically, economically and clinically.

Research Grants

NIHCM Foundation Research Grants

In June 2014, we will begin soliciting letters of inquiry from researchers interested in applying for grants in our 2014-15 funding cycle (i.e., for projects beginning in 2015). If you'd like to receive email updates about our research program, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with subject line "Research grant mailing list."

Projects Selected for Funding in 2014:

  • Identifying Winners and Losers Under Proposals to Simplify Drug Plan Choice in Medicare Part D
    This study will use comprehensive Medicare data and tools developed over several years of work with CMS to design and validate an analytical model of Medicare Part D plan selection. The model will then be used to estimate the impact of various proposals to reduce inefficient enrollment choices.
Researchers:    Jonathan Ketcham, Arizona State University
  Nicolai Kuminoff, Arizona State University
  Chris Powers, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Variations in Patient Experience with Tiered Physician Networks
    This study will use data from the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission to investigate whether patient choice of physician under tiered networks varies according to demographic characteristics, health status, physician specialty or type of care being sought.
Researcher:    Anna Sinaiko, Harvard University
  • Assessing the Impact of Integrated Care Management on Health Services Use and Costs in Medicaid
    This study will use data from Virginia’s largest Medicaid managed care plan to evaluate the effects of integrated case management on health service use, cost and racial disparities. It will examine various subgroups of enrollees and differential impacts according to the type of case management used.
Researchers:    Gloria Bazzoli, Virginia Commonwealth University
  Lindsay Sabik, Virginia Commonwealth University
  Patricia Carcaise-Edinboro, Virginia Commonwealth University
  Spencer Harpe, Midwestern University
  • The Impact of Payment Reform on Physician Referrals, Patient Flows and Health Care Costs
    This study will use data from the Massachusetts All Payer Claims Database to describe referral patterns across the state and to evaluate the impact of global payments on referrals and spending.
Researchers:    Bruce Landon, Harvard University
  Asaf Bitton, Harvard University
  Michael Chernew, Harvard University
  Michael Barnett, Harvard University
  Zirui Song, Harvard University

2013-2014 Grant Selection Process

NIHCM Foundation is making up to $150,000 available to support investigator-initiated research with high potential to inform improvements to the U.S. health care system by reducing health spending growth, enhancing quality, and/or expanding access to health insurance and health care services. Projects must advance existing knowledge in the areas of health care financing, delivery, management and/or policy.

We will support two to three projects in 2014.

Winning studies will be selected using the following process:

  1. All interested researchers must submit a three-page letter of inquiry outlining their study idea by 5:00 PM EDT, July 19, 2013.
  2. Full (10-page) proposals will be invited from a small number of applicants in September 2013.
  3. Winners will be notified in late 2013.

Additional Information:

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