Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration
Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration

This infographic delves into an emerging public health emergency involving rapidly rising rates of stimulant use and related overdose deaths and occurring in the shadow of the opioid crisis.

May 2020

This infographic depicts how the opioid crisis has intensified and evolved despite public and private sector efforts to prevent addiction and increase access to treatment.

May 2020

This series of interactive infographics depict how the crisis caused by opioid abuse and overdose deaths has not only grown in magnitude since 2000, but has also changed in character.

May 2020

This infographic series highlights the rapid rise in overdose deaths involving cocaine and methamphetamine.


This webinar highlighted efforts to address the growing rate of substance use and outline strategies to mitigate the increased burden on individuals, society and the health care system.

Updated opioids graphic

Alongside opioids, fatal overdoses from cocaine and methamphetamines continue to rise with overdoses frequently involving multiple drugs

Data Insights Opioidmeth

This Research Insights highlights a study finding that reducing initial opioids prescriptions from seven days worth of opioids to three or fewer days had positive health and economic benefits.


This project will augment and update Healthcare Triage’s original video series on the opioid crisis by reviewing the latest research, including the strain of the opioid crisis on the health care system; the connection between opioids and suicide; and conflicting studies evaluating whether legalized marijuana is a viable alternative pain treatment. The series will also explore past policy failures and potential policy solutions moving forward.