Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration
Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration


The ACA open enrollment for 2018 has begun amid consumer confusion and concerns about future market stability, but much can be done to put the individual market on a sustainable path. This webinar provided analysis of individual market dynamics as well as potential stabilization strategies.


Engaging Medicaid Patients: Obstacles, Successes & the Impact of Medicaid Waivers

February 10, 2017 | 08:00 AM
09:30 AM ET

EngagingMedicaidPatientsNumberWith President Donald Trump now in office, we may be entering a new era of state-level flexibility in Medicaid. In addition to the President’s platform of Medicaid block grants, his nominee to lead CMS is the architect of Indiana’s Medicaid expansion waiver, which includes premiums and health savings accounts packaged as “personal responsibility provisions.” These provisions carry the imperative to engage beneficiaries, helping them understand how their coverage works. This webinar identified obstacles to engaging Medicaid patients as well as success stories, with an eye on meeting the potential challenges of Medicaid reform.

Speakers covered the following:

  • The information needs of Medicaid consumers and common communications challenges, such as technology disparities and cultural barriers
  • Strategies for connecting consumers with critical information and community-based supports
  • Opportunities for the new Administration to encourage state innovation through waivers, and early insights on the impact of the Michigan and Indiana waivers on coverage and access to care


Parie Garg, PhD
Oliver Wyman
Merrill Friedman
Anthem, Inc.
Renya Spak
Mercer Health and Benefits
MaryBeth Musumeci
Kaiser Family Foundation
Joan Alker
Georgetown University Center for Children and Families

Presentation Slides

"Providing Health Information to Vulnerable Populations," by Parie Garg, PhD
"Addressing Member Needs through Social and Community-Based Supports," by Merrill Friedman
"Health Engagement--Lessons Learned From the Employer Sector," by Renya Spak, MPH
"An Early Look at Medicaid Expansion Waiver Implementation in Michigan and Indiana," by MaryBeth Musumeci
"Future of Medicaid Waivers," by Joan Alker

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