Journalism Grants

Funding For:

COVID-19 Collateral Damage

Health Equity / Coronavirus



Grant Period:

Dec 17, 2020 - Jun 30, 2022



Summary of the Project:

For many Americans, the act of avoiding COVID-19 has meant significant sacrifice and negative consequences for their health and income that we're now just beginning to measure. This project supports a six-part series of stories published on on COVID-19 looking at examples of collateral damage heightening disparities, ranging from how the pandemic is straining health care access and services for people in rural America to the psychological toll on health care workers battling the virus in hospitals.

About the Grantee:

Vox explains the news. We live in a world of too much information and too little context. Too much noise and too little insight. And so Vox's journalists candidly shepherd audiences through politics and policy, business and pop culture, food, science, and everything else that matters.

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Maternity wards are shuttering across the US during the pandemic

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June 28, 2022

Health care in jails and prisons is terrible. The pandemic made it even worse.

America’s 1.7 million incarcerated people have a constitutional right to medical treatment. During the pandemic, many of them say they didn’t get it in time.

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Author: Victoria Law

June 30, 2022

“She hardly goes out”: Racism is keeping many Asian Americans from going to the doctor

Pandemic-related hate crimes against Asian Americans have left many feeling unsafe in public. The consequences of missed health care will have lasting effects.

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Author: Jenny Chen