Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration
Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration

23rd Annual Health Care Print Journalism Awards Finalists

General Circulation

  • Joel Achenbach, Lenny Bernstein, Ariana Eunjung Cha, Scott Clement, Alice Crites, Scott Higham, Dan Keating, Kimberly Kindy, Bonnie Jo Mount, Amy Ellis Nutt, Steven Rich and Eli Saslow, “Unnatural Causes: Sick and Dying in Small-town America,” The Washington Post, 4/10/2016, 4/11/2016, 7/24/2016, 9/1/2016, 10/16/2016, 10/23/2016, 11/7/2016, 12/11/2016, 12/18/2016, 12/23/2016, 12/30/2016
  • Karen Bouffard and Joel Kurth, “Instrumental Risk,” The Detroit News, 8/25/2016
  • Eric Eyre, “Painkiller Profiteers,” Charleston Gazette-Mail, 5/23/2016, 12/18/2016, 12/18/2016
  • Denise Grady, Andrew Pollack and Matt Richtel, “Cell Wars,” The New York Times, 7/31/2016, 8/1/2016, 8/2/2016, 8/23/2016, 12/4/2016, 12/8/2016, 12/20/2016, 12/24/2016
  • Jay Hancock, Sarah Varney, Rachel Bluth, Sandy Banisky, Sean Mussenden, Rachel Greenwald, Nate Kresh, Madeleine Deason, Joey Trull, Rose Creasman Welcome, Lauren Burns, Jeremy Snow, Brittany Britto, Iman Smith, Amanda Eisenberg, Micha Green, Jake Bacher, Jordan Branch and Auburn Mann, “Baltimore's Other Divide,” Kaiser Health News, NPR, PBS NewsHour, Capital News Service, 2/16/2016
  • Charles Ornstein, Mike Hixenbaugh, Terry Parris Jr., Hannah Fresques and Stephen M. Katz, “Reliving Agent Orange,” ProPublica and The Virginian-Pilot, 06/15/2016 to 12/30/2016
  • Michael Pell and Joshua Schneyer, “Unsafe at any Level,” Reuters, 3/9/2016, 6/9/2016, 9/28/2016, 12/19/2016
  • Jenna Russell, Michael Rezendes, Maria Cramer, Scott Helman and Todd Wallack, “The Desperate and the Dead,” The Boston Globe, 6/26/2016 to 12/11/2016
  • Sam Roe, Karisa King and Ray Long, “Dangerous Doses,” The Chicago Tribune, 2/11/2016, 2/14/2016, 12/18/2016
  • Seth Wessler, “Dying in Private Prisons,” The Nation/The Investigative Fund, 1/28/2016, 6/15/2016
  • Jon Kamp, Jeanne Whalen, Arian Campo-Flores, Joseph Walker, Valerie Bauerlein, Jennifer Levitz, Scott Calvert and Brian Spegele, “Hooked: The global causes and human consequences of America's addiction to opioids,” The Wall Street Journal, 5/19/2016, 6/23/2016, 10/5/2016, 11/4/2016, 11/22/2016, 12/15/2016, 12/23/2016, 12/29/2016

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