Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration
Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration

10th Annual Health Care Television & Radio Journalism Award Finalists

  • Howard Berkes, Robert Little, Nicole Beemsterboer, Benny Becker and Jeff Young, “Advanced Black Lung Cases Surge in Appalachia,” All Things Considered, NPR, and Ohio Valley ReSource, 12/15/2016, 12/16/2016
  • Marcela Gaviria, Will Cohen, Martin Smith, Brian Funck, Andrew Metz and Raney Aronson, “Chasing Heroin,” FRONTLINE, PBS, 2/23/2016
  • Sara Wittmeyer, Wes Akers, Steve Burns, Becca Costello, Tori Lentz, Kasey Long, Sophia Saliby, James Vavrek and Lindsey Wright, “Finding the Fix: Heroin’s Hold on the Heartland,” WFIU Public Radio & WTIU Public Television, 9/29/2016
  • April Dembosky, “State of Mind: Access to Mental Health Care in California,” The California Report Magazine, KQED Public Radio, 8/19/2016
  • William Brangham, Jason Kane, Jon Cohen, Shannon Bradley, Richard Coolidge, Murrey Jacobson, Patti Parson, Sara Just, Devin Pinckard, Jason Lelchuk, John Morgan and Dawn Andres, “The End of AIDS?PBS NewsHour, PBS, in collaboration with Science magazine and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, 7/11/2016, 7/12/2016, 7/13/2016
  • Bianca Castro, Janeen Duckett, Scott Friedman, Kevin Cokely, Scott Gordon, Jose Sanchez, Linda Angelle, Peter Hull and Guy Mitchell, “Under the Microscope: The Zika Crisis,” KXAS-NBC 5 DFW, 12/24/2016