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  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation has published a report evaluating the evidence base for interventions to address the social determinants of health.

  • The emergence of new online tools—built by journalists, for journalists—has made it easier than ever to visualize health care data. With the power to build charts comes the responsibility to portray information accurately and in a way that enhances the story for your readers.

  • Injury is the number one killer of children and teens in the United States. Many of these injuries are preventable through education and low-cost interventions like childproof locks and safety seats.

  • With the explosion of public health data online, more journalists than ever need analytical tools in their daily work. Think of data as just another source to interview, along with people and documents.

  • NIHCM Foundation hosted a webinar to discuss the latest in telehealth, including federal health IT plans, new models of telehealth delivery and ongoing regulatory obstacles. A recording of the event is now available.

  • Employees of small businesses have much lower rates of insurance coverage and less generous benefits than their peers at bigger companies, owing largely to challenges unique to the small group market. 


NIHCM Foundation Awards

See the list of 2015 finalists

To recognize the critical roles researchers and journalists play in improving health care, NIHCM Foundation presents annual awards for excellence in print journalism, television and radio journalism, digital media and research. The awards are independently judged by panels of experts, and the winners are announced at an awards dinner in the spring.

2015 NIHCM Foundation Awards Dinner


There is no fee to enter the NIHCM Awards competition. The entry deadline for the 21st Annual NIHCM Foundation Awards was February 18th, 2015. To receive updates about the awards program, sign up using our subscription form.

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